Monday, November 14, 2022

Feminine Differential - My Personal Style


It is important to have a personal style. According to Elyse Holladay, a personal style coach

A personal style is what you wear and how you feel. What you wear and buy all reflect your inner personality! Unlocking it improves your life."

I mentioned a few posts back that I have an everyday style.  It is casual, easy and at best, causes confusion; a good thing.  Shopping in my local mall's Talbots store I saw this PUFF SLEEVE CREWNECK TEE.  It has a cute graphic design that says "Parfumerie". Although crewneck is not my favorite, it makes up for that with puffed three-quarter sleeves. A differential in the works. It was on sale for $19 and will looks great with jeans and my everyday style.    

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