Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Queer Delusion 1889


My Note: I purchase this whole 1889 "Richmond Virginia Weekly Dispatch" on EBay a few years back. It was described as having a Queer Delusion Story.  Yes it did. On page 6 of the January 25, edition was this story below. It is my conclusion "Queer" in that time period just meant unusual; not today's vernacular.

There is much to note here.  First, it is so well preserved, and yes the paper was completely yellowed, almost brown. However, the type was readable after some scanning/editing magic. Which brings me to question, why it was saved for all these years?  Second, it was just reported as a regular news story. I know that reading it is not easy because we are all accustomed to today's concise reporting. Third and most remarkable, this story is over 133 years old!  Enjoy.  

One other personal note: My father's family are from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, several generation back. More than once while growing up I would hear "weird" thrown around when describing Eastern Shore inhabitants. Maybe this story was the genesis?   

FYI -  The sheet size is 20" by 28"


  1. Rhonda-- My take is a she was a transgender woman, and her suitor truly had feelings for her, while the social and legal constraints of the day made the situation untenable and the resulting conflict ensued. I'd like for you to give you an analysis of the situation. Why was the paper saved? The same reason I watched every Donahue and Sally Jesse episode that had transgender persons on

  2. This was such an unusual (queer) find. I have had it for a while and finally took the effort to scan it. Being transgender is certainly not a modern phenomenon and history proves that..