Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Beyond Proper X'Mas Shopping

I just received the above two items from Boston Proper.  Boston Proper is hit-or-miss on quality and many items tend to be a bit trendy, although reasonable in price. Over the years I have enjoyed their catalogs for simply the over the top femininity of many of their items. Fashion for the not too shy.    

These items (SO SEXY™ CUTOUT OFF-THE-SHOULDER TOP) and (CHUNKY CABLE OFF THE SHOULDER DRESS) were purchase on a whim during one of their December sales. I had hoped that the sweater dress would arrive in time for a last week party, but no such luck.   

I am very pleasantly surprised by both. The top was an add in to get my shopping cart up to a discount level on the sweater dress. They arrived today and after trying on both, they are keepers. I love this color (heather oatmeal) and it wears well with my hair and tan shoulders. Both of these will be perfect for a contradictory winter evening here in Florida, where only the semblance of a winter ensemble is required.  

Be forewarned on the sweater dress. It is every bit as short as it appears in the photo. If the model is the typical 5'10"+,  I do not know know how they got it to appear that length. I am petite and it is that short on me. 

The top is form fitting and has an under-liner built in. The quality on both is super.  I got the two for under $100 and likely you could get them for even less during the after holiday sales.  Happy shopping.

Note - Sorry for the headless models.  I did not have time to cut out the items from the models.  I will do better next time.   


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