Thursday, December 13, 2018

What Time Is It?

There was a time when getting older, a demograph to which I belong, meant being invisible, accepting limits, and being/going quiet. Oh yes, the proverbial rocking chair. Maybe it’s a “baby boomer” thing; we have never accepted limits and have challenged the norms starting with rock-n-roll, the min-skirt, civil rights and protesting needless wars. I love being where I am today. 

Baby boomers changed the world, ended a war, created a new culture of values and morphed our style and politics with every move of the Beatles. In the end, it was all rock and roll to us. We won the right to vote, and then turned around and voted for Nixon. (today Trump)

We baby boomers have been puzzling ourselves and the rest of world since then. Who are we? As we enter our 60s and (70s), we have to answer that question ourselves. If our high point was when we were 19 or 20, or what will be our second act?

One thing being a baby boomer embodied was to speak your mind and accept with caution We were indulged and told that our opinions mattered.  We were told we could grow up to be anything and collectively we fought for social change. Even today, I am far less willing to accept being quiet. Going quietly into the sunset… Never! 

To accentuate that fact, I am really starting to not care what other people think. I find myself smiling a lot and because of that, drawing others into conversations. I respect myself and want others to understand who I am. Maybe they can come to accept how I present. If asked a direct question, I answer it. 

Sure, we are a minority, being transgender. I had nothing to do with create this gender incongruity and have every right to live my life as anyone else. Not just live, but embrace my life. I am the master of my own history and my last chapter is yet to be written. I hope to make it interesting and it may even have a few plot twists.  

Getting older does cause one to understand that life does not last forever. I get notices every few weeks about a high school classmate that is no longer with us or someone that needs our prayers. Life is not finite, so sitting in the rocking chair and doing nothing should not be an option. Or worse yet, being/doing something that is inherently not who you are. Doing nothing is a waste of a human minute - the most valuable commodity on the planet. Something you will never be able to retrieve, no matter how much money you have. 

What are you going to do with your time today?  ESCAPE! 

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