Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Feminine Differential - Eye Glasses

The Sexy Secretary or Librarian Look 
I have been wearing glasses since my mid 20's.  I am fortunate in that my vision has remained basically unchanged over the years and my glasses are for distance only. I am fine without glasses for reading and doing computer work. The last time I renewed my Florida Driver's license I needed to take the eye test and as I read off the letters without my glasses the examiner said "Nice guess, now try it with your glasses". So my license states "Restricted - Glasses Required".

Shortly after Rhonda emerged in the early 1980's I noticed the scuttle difference in male and female eye wear. There are different shapes with softer lines. Here is how eyeglasses.com describes the differential:   

Women's Eyeglasses Frames  - Women's eyeglasses fashions evolve every year, and the prices and choices we offer make it affordable to have more than one pair of frames. Although women's eyeglasses tend to have softer lines and more feminine colors than men's eye wear, most frames are unisex and can be worn by either women or men. With a range of prices, frame shapes, and materials along with a variety of color combinations for both eye wear frames and lenses, Eyeglasses.com makes it easy to buy multiple ladies eyeglasses to suit different occasions such as work, school, or leisure. Depending upon the frame, our female customers find that they can often order two pairs of women’s prescription eyeglasses at far less cost than they would pay for one pair of women’s spectacles at a regular retail eyeglass store. There is no reason today why women's prescription eyeglasses styles not only can be trendy, but also sophisticated. If you are looking for a retro or modern, bold or conservative, trendy or classic look, Eyeglasses.com has your style. Women nowadays are looking for shapes and colors that either complement or contradict their features. A “complementary” frame fits in well with the facial structure, as well as the coloring of hair, skin, eyes, and wardrobe. A “contradictory” strategy is one in which the eyeglasses are designed to stand out, to exude confidence, creativity, and to project individuality. There is no right or wrong strategy, and many women have several eyeglasses frames so that they have choice when arranging the daily assemblage.

'89 Sexy Secretary
Because my prescription has changes so little over the years I have amassed quite a collection of eye wear and have noticed that style recycle. Big sexy secretary or librarian styles popular in the '80-'90 are back and minimal-invisible style are less popular; don't worry, they will be back. I love choosing eye wear the accents my outfit or mood. I have elegant styles (invisible) for dinner out and casual playful styles, for fun.  

There is one other differential; your makeup does change, with/without glasses. Keep in mind that the eyes are one of your most important features and are typically the first facial feature noticed. According to Glamour Magazine: "Since glasses can sometimes make your eyes look smaller, the absolutely-no-makeup option is kind of off the table. At the very least, always apply black mascara to your upper and lower lashes for a full effect." 

I do vary my glasses and see them as a fashion accent. I am not sure if I look better with/without glasses.  At lease for driving, I always have my "feminine eye wear". How about you? Do you have feminine glasses and how did you purchase? Please share your "ESCAPEstories and suggestions for eye wear.  




  1. Living in "The Sunshine State," you probably have a collection of prescription sunglasses, as well. Here in the Northwest, I still need my sunglasses occasionally, although I think I end up wearing them on top of my head more than over my eyes. This makes for a look in itself, but I mainly do it for the ease of finding them when the Sun periodically pokes its way between the clouds. I don't always wear my prescription sunglasses, as I can get by OK without them for seeing distances, but they are bifocals, and I cannot read or use my phone without them. Rather than having to switch glasses, then, I often end up using my prescription sunglasses indoors - making for a kind of mysterious look.

    I was taken, as a young teenager, by Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The way she expressed herself, using sunglasses as a prop, is something I've always tried to emulate. She even wore them while reading a book in the library!

  2. I must confess: I have a total 'fetish' for women wearing the 'large, round/oval/square' 'Secretary' frames from the '80's. (A co-worker confessed the same 'thang' so it AINT just me).
    It seems this style really took off with LINDA CARTER as WONDER WOMAN's alternate ego character, Diana Prince, (1980's version)wearing those 'large-lensed' glasses with the 'dropped hinge temple piece'. which really accent eye and cheek bone. YOWWZA(!).
    These frames also offer the 'femulator' with a diminishing/softening of 'man-face', thus enhancing the female image.
    I have collected MANY such frames at various thrift stores for $.050 each, and there are prescription RE-LENSING services available online for as little as $20.00 a pair. On more than one occasion, the lenses in the frame actually matched my prescription! Velma

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