Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Superman's Pal - Encore

In "Leslie Lowe, Girl Reporter," Jimmy is feeling emasculated after finding out that his girlfriend, Lucy Lane, makes more than twice as much money as he does.  So he demands a raise from his boss, Perry White, and, failing to get it, quits his job.  However, he finds himself unable to get a job anywhere else.  Rather than humiliate himself further by going to Perry White and asking for his old job back, he decides to dress up in women's clothing and apply for his old job under the guise of "Leslie Lowe."


  1. Well, the wage disparity is certainly reversed here. I would have come out many years earlier, if I'd thought I might double my salary by doing so. And, yes, I would have been "such and improvement" with a "lovely complexion" too! :-)

  2. How many times have you wondered, while working in 'Large Corporate America' how the 'newly hired babe' in a job several grades below your own grade manages the great clothes, great car, great apartment in a great location, with liberal granting of time off, while managing on what you 'think' is a lesser salary.
    In business, "An OUNCE of IMAGE beats a POUND of PERFORMANCE". Quote from the book "The Peter Principle", by Dr. Lawrence J. Peter
    Of course 'your' salary and discussion thereof with others inside the company is grounds for dismissal. Free market economics? Guess again, po' boy. I have seen this in the workplace more times than I can count. V.

    1. In the times of Jimmy/Leslie, there would have been more gossip than wonder about how the "babe" acquired all of her perks. While the Peter Principle states that an individual rises to a level of incompetence, sometimes it also applies to how far a skirt rises to the level of compliance. Of course, for Leslie Lowe, the rising skirt would, eventually, reveal her incompetence, as well. ;-)