Monday, December 10, 2018

My First Car - An Impala

Two weeks ago GM announced the end of the Chevrolet Impala.  Here is the sad announcement in the Detroit Free Press:

My '65 Chevrolet Impala 
 General Motors plans to ax the Chevrolet Impala as part of its dramatic restructuring announced this week, ginning up nostalgia for a vehicle name that first appeared in the 1950's.

The Impala has been called one of America's most iconic nameplates, but after 10 generations, the current sedan appears to share little but the name with its ancestors even as it has had some notable milestones in the not-too-distant past.

My first car was a ’65 Chevy Impala. It was two-tone with gold on the bottom and a cream colored top. It had a 300HP / 327 engine and I switched the three-speed column shift and installed a Hurst Floor Shift. There were other things I did with the most notable addition being “Mickey Thompson Mag Wheels”.  The wheels were beautiful and what a nice addition to the overall look of the car with narrow white sidewalls. The car was a beauty. 

I have always loved cars and will not bore you with the engine modifications; needless to say, it ran very well. My choice would have been the "SS" version with bucket seats and a floor shift already installed, however it was not available at the time.  

From 1958 to now, America always had the Chevy Impala. That was one piece of nostalgia that I could count on every year. The ’65 was not my last Impala and I did replace it with a much more luxurious, ’70; this one dark brown, with a matching vinyl top and much appreciated air conditioning.  

Over the years I have had some impressive/unique cars, including several Corvettes, a Gremlin, a Pacer, several Cadillac and my current SL-MB. Without question, my beloved car was my first – The Impala.  Goodbye old friend.  

'58 Badge - The First Impala

Note: Anyone else remember the unique "Factory Engine Option" on the  '58 Impala?  


  1. That's sad. My first car was '64 Impala. Loved that car!

  2. I was offered a 1964 Chevy Impala SS convertible with white bucket seat interior and white top, for $600.00 in 1971. Wish I had taken the lady up on the offer... Didnt know jack... I see similar at various car shows, and wonder if it was the same car...
    I wish I still had my 1970 Cutlass/442 with the 455 ci. engine and Hurst shifter, Red paint with black interior/bucket seats/vinyl top. Paid $2400.00 for it in 1972. Gas was $0.24/gal the day I bought that car. then fuel prices rose... It drove me to the poor house, just feeding it. But it was a fun trip to the poor house.... ;-) Velma

  3. I recall a mechanical fuel injection system on 1957/1958 Chevys. Very rare. Mucho problemos.
    Did I guess right?
    Did I win the 'Car Talk' NPR mug?
    Never mind, I already have one...
    Velma, again

    1. Want the Car-Talk Mug!!!!! I still listen.

      And the option is:

      Solid lifters and the trio of two-barrel carburetors. A “Special Super Turbo-Thrust” engine (348) that delivered 315 horsepower. The only 3-2 I ever remember as stock. Although maybe a GTO?

  4. Loss of the Impala is part of a sad parade of great American automotive names and icons, including Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Also today's Buicks don't really seem to have much in common with my grandparents' Buicks.

  5. I don't usually point out typos on blogs, although it used to be a professional hazard. This time, however, Rhonda, I would suggest that you re-scan through this one as there is one spot where you meant to say "shift" and you left out a key letter.

    Otherwise, the blog is beautiful as always!

  6. Thanks Janet - Sometime dyslexia get you into a sift load of trouble.