Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How to Walk in Heels & Stilettos

Stanna had a great post on the "Triumph or Downfall" of high heels yesterday.  Interesting and my sweet post on the height spectrum is 3" to 4". And I do love heels.  

Below is a cute video on walking in heels.  Nothing new here but just a fun look at a great pair of legs, with suggestions on getting up to speed in heels. Someone else that loves heels as much as we do. Her blog. "Wendy's Look Book " is packed with fashion advice for the young at heart and heel enthused.   



News: This evening is my company's Christmas dinner and party.  It is held after work at the office's theater and all are expected to attend.  I will be there! Rhonda is working there again after having been there before a few years back.  It is a worthwhile and valuable non-profit, serving the year round needs of a community deserving the support. More later on the job and facility. I think I will wear my red heels.  

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