Friday, December 21, 2018

Friend's Friday - The Holiday Office Party

Holiday Office Party '18 

I have been filling in at a local non-profit for the last 4 weeks.  I did this previously about 5 years ago and they remembered me. Having nothing pressing going on, I welcomed the opportunity.   

Non-profit database work has become somewhat of a specialty and I enjoy the challenge. The organization is so worthwhile and the people there are super. Service to their constituency is the primary goal with community events as needed for fund raisers. Along with the day-to-day activities, supporting the development (fund raising) department, I make it a fun job. I have committed to full time through the end of December; possibly more as needed. 

I was re-introduced at an all employee meeting a few weeks back and was invited to attend their Holiday Party that occurred last week after work. 

It was a buffet dinner catered in their theater with a "Roaring 20's" theme. Some dressed in that attire for the occasion however, most wore their "that day" work outfit. I can attract enough attention, so stuck with a somewhat dressy red top, white pants and heels worn that day to the office. The office staff is about 80% female.  

It is so nice to be remembered and included in the party. This is a direct result of my post-retirement volunteering and getting non-profit experience that started about 15 years ago. I am not sure where this will lead; I will keep you posted.  "All dressed up with somewhere to go" again.

More details later on the job and going back to work.

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