Monday, December 17, 2018

Everyday Is An Adventure.

Works for Escapes As Well

I have been going out almost 35 years and as with many of us, Halloween was the anniversary of my first Escape. WOW, the excitement of that first escape. A restaurant costume contest. I have it written here.

Many assume I have transitioned and I have received e-mails congratulating me on such a successful transition. That is not exactly what I have accomplished.  To a degree, I have socially and professionally transitioned; totally transitioned - not.    

I belong to several business groups and have social groups that I attend. Professionally I have worked as a volunteer, administrative assistant, non-profit coordinator / fundraiser and now as a venture capital banker / startup Chief Operation Officer (COO). This takes up much of my time. Other times are spent androgynous with most assuming what they may. This presentation is mostly neither male or female; just me.   

I still very much value my time out in what I encourage and call Escapes. I do not believe that I will ever become tired or accept as mundane my adventures into the land of femininity. Even in a day where I may have a back-to-back business meetings, lunch with friends or music concerts, I still feel the excitement of choosing my outfit, doing my hair/makeup and heading for the door.  

Still, events occur that have a “first time” feel. I make an effort the savor experiences and see the challenge;  the thrill of daily experiences. I hope to always challenge myself and appreciate events as accomplishments. 

A few weeks back, after two business meeting, I was dropped back at my car to find that it would not start - dead battery. Certainly, something that has happened before. This time the challenge was, “How shall I handle this, presenting female?" I did not panic or even feel trepidation and went about dealing with the situation as always. Road service was called. A very friendly tow operator provided a jump and I drove across the street to get a new battery installed.  

To my amazement and liking in this situation, the female repair technician said: “Honey I will get you home in no time”. When quickly done, the price was more than originally quoted and she whispered to me, “I will honor the price and throw in free installation. Will that be OK?”  I thanked her paid my bill and was on my way. Problem solved.  

I hope I never transition to the point where life is dull and events do not provide challenges, interest or at the least, stories. 

What escapes adventure are you going to have over the holidays? Tell us the story.  


  1. I woke up this Monday morning, and the 'glow' is still with me. I am not depressed as I usually can be, especially in the morning. I am trying to figure out this feeling, this glow, that is not the usual way I feel.... It is a glorious feeling.....of having stepped out...
    Yesterday, I had the chance to 'escape' and 'go femulating' while shopping for Christmas gifts. I decided to 'just own it' and get lost and brave the crowds, and so I did.
    I had previously purchased a pretty, tiered 'bubble sleeve' RED dress from Cato; (Catofashions.com); but was apprehensive about wearing it out, as I had never worn red whilst 'enfemme'. I decided to 'go for it'. The day, was the first one in a week where it was not cold and grey, turned out sunny and almost 60 degrees. The warm breeze through my legs felt great. The day was a total blast.
    I paired the dress with black 'kitten' heeled shoes, (Rhondas earlier post 'high heels' video tutorial really saved my ass- and knees) and blonde wig, gold --womens frame-- prescription lens glasses and gold bead necklace and gold bead earrings.
    My first stop was back to Cato to 'show-off' to the lady who had sold me the dress while I was dressed 'enhomme'. I had barely stepped inside when two elderly ladies complimented me on my dress, as they asked if 'I had just left Church'. I said 'yes'-- that was a total lie! My clerk friend approached and said she was impressed with my image in red, but my eye was already on a new dress with 'flutter sleeves' in a bright white. I was not sure of the size, so I chose two, and then I asked about the fitting room. I was escorted to the back through a number of other customers. No problems! I tried on the 18-20W size and it looked and fit great, so I redressed and walked through the fitting area to the checkout.
    Emboldened, I set out for more shopping across town, at Ross (you know their motto: "Cross-dress for less"(?)), where I bought a 'guy-wallet' instead of the purse I was shopping for, and had to endure those horribly long cues waiting for a check-out register; and then to K&G Fashion Store to look at purses. I did find a great looking 'heather grey' blazer, with long, broad, extended lapels, but that purchase has to wait. While at K&G, the 'call of nature' made serious demands so I summoned the courage to ask the lady clerk for access to the 'door code' to the ladies loo. Again, no problems, no flack, just respect.
    The entire day was just a great 'series of positives'. Velma

    1. Velma what a great escape! Thanks for sharing. You go girl!!!!