Wednesday, July 15, 2020

3 Wardrobe Hacks

1.  The Awkward Girl’s Guide to Midi Skirts and How to Wear

As you can see, Amber on the right of this photo has obviously been spending a bit too much time on Pinterest lately. She’s been looking at all the photos of cool girls in full skirts and slouchy sweaters, and she’s decided that she could be one of those girls, too. She’s wrong about that, though: and Amber-on-the-left knows it. That’s why she’s smiling smugly: because Amber-on-the-left knows what you’ve all long suspected – that those Pinterest girls are magical fashion unicorns. They don’t actually exist outside of Pinterest, and if you try to copy them, you’ll just end up looking like Amber-on-the-right, and you don’t want that, do you?

This tip is one that most people probably know, and it basically says that if you’re wearing volume on the bottom, you can’t ALSO have volume on the top, and vice-versa. If you, too, are a magical fashion unicorn, you might just be able to pull it off, but if you’re just a regular person like me, you’ll probably find that circle-cut midi skirts will look better worn with a top that’s both fitted and cropped (or tucked, in this case). You need to define the waist to make the volume work, basically, so anything that can be described using the words “slouchy” or “oversized” is best left to the Pinterest girls – or worn with a midi skirt that’s more fitted:

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2. Proper Fit

Hem.  I’ve heard Stacy & Clinton say that for most people (read: not super tall people with really long legs) the hem of the shirt should end around mid hip, and not too far past the crotch of your pants.  This is to elongate the leg line.  One of my friends wore really long tops because she was trying to hide her midsection, but she was actually creating a weird silhouette for herself and accentuating her midsection instead.

I bought the top in the picture on the left years ago, not realizing that it was way too long for me.  And even after I realized it was too long I still wore it for a while thinking it looked okay.  But now when I look at the difference between that top and a top that hits at the proper part of my hip, I can’t believe I wore the long top.  It looks kind of unpolished compared to a shorter one.

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3.  Professional Help (my suggestion) 

Not the kind where you sit on a couch and talk; "and how did that make you feel...".  The help from a professional makeup / image  consultant.  Are you still doing your eyes the same way as you did in the '70's?  It is time to go modern, seek and see what is in with the latest trends.  Make up counters abound at the mall and private studios that will be happy to help. Plus it is a lot of fun receiving all the attention.  Classic, girl time. 

Is your closet running over and you have nothing to wear?  Have a professional wardrobe consultant to go through your closet and see what works best on you. 

Here is a great story from a few years back: 

A good friend had an professional image consultant in to check her professional look before transitioning on the job. Part of the service meant going through her closet.  After building quite a pile of "Good Will" donations she commented, "Wow, these are going to make some hooker very happy".  

Nothing like a critical eye to help.     


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