Friday, July 10, 2020

How To Dress Up A Pair of Shorts - Summer '20

Shorts are not just for yard work. For a summer evening dinner, I am thinking Palm Beach, nothing will looks cooler and more chic than dress shorts. This is an outfit you could wear to an outdoor summer event, wine tasting, or a Sunday brunch!  

First take into consideration your legs and be prepared by having a semblance of a tan and be neat; enough said on that. The yes/no on shorts pretty much comes down to this question: How do I feel about my legs? If you like them, or are relatively comfortable with them, then you can find a pair of shorts to fit and flatter. If you don’t, then skip the shorts. There are countless alternatives. Cute, comfortable culottes, maxi skirts and midi skirts might be more flattering choices, and they’re just as practical and comfortable.

On what to wear with shorts, choose a combination of top and shorts that complement and do not clash. Anything in basic black/white is easy to work and especially good for traveling; think cruise. White is the perfect summer neutral. It goes with every color under the sun. White also pairs well with prints and patterns, from floral designs to plaids to prints. 

As I researched wearing dress shorts many of the style sites suggested "Let the shoes do the work." We have discussed how just changing the shoes can totally re-work an outfit, so check out above how the shoes can go from sight-seeing,  day shopping to a summer dinner.  However, heels or strappy sandals can pull everything together. It would be easy to err to the to casual, so a little planning with accessories can also go a long way also.

Here is a great article on "How to Wear Shorts" by NADA MANLEY with a figure flattering style guide.  
Stick to what you are comfortable and wear it with confidence! 

Casual day in San Juana, Puerto Rico and on the ship. 
Last year's cruise.  

From Femulate - Wearing New York & Company

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