Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thomas Hobbs Quote - Divine Executive

I found the above quote at the Divina Ejecutiva (Divine Executive) site.  FIORELLA GARCIA-PACHECO is the creator and Editor at Divina Ejecutiva.  From my rough translation she self describes as  image and personal marketing adviser, teacher, influencer and columnist for Diario GestiĆ³n.  

There are some very interesting and beautiful fashion combinations on her site; enjoy.  

 In just three days I will finally be on vacation visiting my family and also today I was reunited with a group of old and good friends in life, but above all with two of those good friends, who go beyond time and distances .
This time I bring you a look in blue, combining different textures, such as these pants that I got through the Linio Peru page, the sweater and a blazer. Do not be afraid to combine textures, the truth is that I am not much to wear sweaters or sweaters for the office, but the cold is daring lately so I have had to get creative and forget a little about my own recommendations and make them look a bit more formal.

I put the contrast with the wallet and the shoes and although you already know that combining shoes, wallet and strap of the same color is a thing of the past, sometimes (only sometimes) because it can look good. This time I added a beautiful maxi-collar that although it is usually larger than what I usually wear, I did not feel it excessive.


  1. Hmmmm. Yes, the shoes and the purse match, but I couldn't help but notice that the pants hems don't. :-)