Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tomima Talks - The Bra Straps of Summer

 Why - Because We Need To Know. 

From Tomima Talks

Hello there,

Does she…or doesn’t she? That’s my thought bubble when catching a glimpse of another woman’s bra strap peeking out from under her top. Did she intentionally pick that blue bra to wear with her yellow tank knowing the straps would show? Dare I tell the woman social distancing in the ladies room that her bra strap needs tucking? If it was her clothing tag, I’d help her out. But visible bra straps have become enigmatic. 
Summer is here and so are sleeveless, cold shoulder, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops. If you’re like me and do not want the distraction of bra straps competing with your fashion aesthetic, here are my tried and true summer bra styles guaranteed to keep your bra straps under wraps.

Center-Pull Straps 

Anything sleeveless is best worn with a bra that has center-pull straps. By center-pull, I mean the straps are placed more directly above your breast apex rather than the outer sides of your breasts. This bra feature places your shoulder straps more towards the middle of your shoulder. Here is a comparison using my trusty “measured” image (provided on every bra we sell) to show you what I mean.

The center-pull straps are resting about 4” up your shoulder while the wide-set straps are only about 2” off your shoulder. That difference ensures your bra straps are well inside any sleeveless outfit. I also like a center-pull strap because I think it does a great job of center lifting the bustline and thus maintaining breast separation. Wide-set straps also pull up your bustline, but the pull is more from the sides of your breasts. This side pull maneuvers your breasts more towards each other and creates more of a cleavage line. Both “center-pull straps” and “wide-set straps” are feature terms you can filter on in our bra department.

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