Monday, July 6, 2020

Feminine Differential - Pants, What is a gal to do?

There are three items in this layout that I found to be incredibly feminine. We have entered a period where females can exercise femininity, and still wear the quintessential pants.  Even here in Florida where shorts and skirts are climatology more practical, paints reign.  What is a gal to do?

This season's skinny pants and a great starting place.  Add a side zip flat front, pockets be gone) plus a feminine print and you are suitably dressed to fit-in. Of course the right top and either heels / girly flats; your look is set.  

The above pants are Talbots' "TALBOTS CHATHAM ANKLE PANTS - GARDEN DOT" and the fit is amazing; on sale for $29.00 down from $89.00. They make a "no-butt" or minimum butt shapely. The  Talbots' "SABRINA SHELL" in dark blue makes you look like you just stepped off the "Mad Men" set; very retro and flattering.   

To completely seal the feminine deal, throw in the Talbot's polka dot flats shown (sorry sold out) or Amazon's "Polka Dot Round Toe Ballets Slip-on Flat Heel Walking Shoes with Bowknot".  

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