Thursday, July 16, 2020

Feminine Differential - Anklet

Can Men wear an ankle bracelet AKA Anklet?  

Fashion trends tend to have strange gender rules. For example, while women can readily wear anklets while going to the beach or attending festivals, many men feel as though they can’t. What is the case, then? Can guys wear anklets?

Absolutely yes, men can wear anklets and ankle bracelets. At this point, the only thing holding potentially-interested men back is the social stigma that may still exist in some parts of the population (but not all!).

Even with that stigma in place, there are still a number of anklets already for sale and directed towards men. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts that keep so many men from experimenting with anklets and see if we can’t find an aesthetic or make that appeals to even the most hardened of beach-goer.

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In summary, men should feel free to wear whatever kinds of jewelry interest them, including anklets. There are several styles of anklets available on the market today. If you find one that you like and what you’d feel comfortable wearing to the beach or at home, why not have a little fun?


I love wearing an anklet.  I started about 20 years ago and off-and-on wore one until I either lost or misplaced it. Recently I repurchased and love the look.  A subtle act of feminine differentially,  especially when the it is delicate or has a small charm.  Interesting, Amazon offers anklets, "2mm Rope Chain Anklet for Women & Men", so not just for women!

Before ordering or going out to purchase do measure the length you need and think a little loose; sexier.  I cannot wear the standard woman's length of 10" so opt for either having a jeweler make one to length or order a longer length.  

The purchase process can turn into a fun outing as you select the delegate chain you like and have it made while you wait.  After the jeweler finishes, put it on and wear it proudly while you continue to shop.  


  1. I never thought about this kind of jewelry. I think it is time to get an anklet. Thank you so much for the article.

  2. I will love wearing Anklets with heels.

  3. I would dearly love to, (and am looking to buy one) wear a BBC anklet to wear all the time. showing my love for them. it will be so exciting !