Monday, July 27, 2020

Is It Crossdressing....

     If You Are Wearing Pants?

Tasteful, Feminine Pants Outfit

Wow, did Stana at Femulate hit on an important point last Saturday with her "Someday Funnies". One does not have to venture out socially, (remember when we did that) to realize that the uniform of the morning, day and evening for women, is pants. Here in Florida I see lots of shorts, ankle pants and a smattering of skirts. Personally I love skirts which are very conformable especially in this hot climate. Dresses are even advertised much of time as a "special occasion / cocktail / event" items.  I wore more dressed and skirts in one week on my cruise last year than I would typically wear in several months.

Google simply defines crossdress this way: verb, wear clothing typical of the opposite sex.

Personally I much prefer the term gender for the definition but that is not germane to this discussion. So the question is; if women seldom wear skirts/dresses is not the process of crossdressing nullified by the wearing skirts and dresses? 

Our ever present Velma came to our rescue with a great answer to the question:

YES, as long as you are wearing bra & panties! Heels or Maryjane's heeled pumps would complete the look.

Agree! Personally I prefer a less overt display and many times opt for blending as opposed to announcing an act many at best do not understand or outright find distasteful because of a lack of understanding.  

Stana's tongue-and-cheek question gives us all pause to rethink our presentation to still look feminine and blend.  Velma is 100% right.

Fashion layout note: The feminine Talbots' STRIPE GATHERED SLEEVE TOP is still available.  If interested, it runs small, has a single button in the back and I got mine for $19.99. That is a great saving down from the Talbots' $79.99 original price.  It look especially good with white pant/jeans.  Also see Susan wearing it at SusanAfter60 - I love the look with platform sneakers.  



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  1. I have one comment (like,if ever...)-- palazzo pants!
    Light in color and weight, gauzy and cool, with an exaggerated, belled bottom, palazzo pants subtly announce a classy entrance into a classy venue on a warm summer evening. I have them in white and a light violet color.
    Pair with just about any shoe or sandal of a matching or contrasting color. I wear thigh highs underneath, and the feeling experienced by your legs is quite a rush!
    All dressed up. Nowhere to go...