Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Feminine Differential - Style As Art

There is a feminine art to looking stylish, pulled together and casual.  Many times it comes down to simplicity and not oven thinking the outfit. 

Shop were you are proud to tell others where you found the outfit. Shop where there are a verity of sizes and choose the one that fits. If the item is to small/large, then no matter what you pay, it is a poor choice. If the item is a little out your budget and you really like it, ask is this an investment piece,  something that will get a lot of wear/use? I see purses, handbags and eyeglasses as that type of purchase.   

I do enjoy online shopping.  However, it only works where there is a simple and easy return method. You are purchasing an unknown material, and quality unless you have purchase the item before. The above stripe top/tunic was an impulse purchase from Amazon for only  $9.90. (Zeagoo Women Off The Shoulder Convertible Short Sleeve Casual Striped Tunic Top).  Well worth the price and looks great.

The white skirt is just a basic white jeans skirt.  

The Tory Burch purse is from a few season ago and I utilize it for business meeting where I need to carry my tablet and/or a portfolio for writing  This bag was an investment purchase. The Tory Burch thong/heeled sandals are from e-Bay.     


  1. I have been 'burned' a couple of times by mis-sized garments sold on online which were shipped from Asia.
    The cost of return shipping outweighs the initial cost of the garment.
    If the web page states the point of origin as Asia, or offers no point of origin, the deal is off.
    One way to get your $$$ back is to file a 'contested charge' with your charge card service. They will 'claw back' the charges from the shipper, and credit your account.
    I have done this twice on replacement computer circuit boards, and once on a deliberately misrepresented furnace control valve valued at $200, I have even contested a charge at ZAXBYS for $2.50 for a 'bad tasting iced tea' that I got from the drive thru, only to find that the product was bad after I had driven down the interstate!

    1. Good point Velma. I too have been 'burned' by mis-sized garments sold on online which were shipped from Asia. If I do not know the retailer/shipper, I will pay with PayPal. PayPal does a great job of clawing back the money. I have done this several times.