Friday, July 24, 2020

Guest Post - Big Morning Out

Being stuck at home with a semi-supportive spouse has really been a challenge. I find myself getting up at 4:30, showering, putting on some light makeup, and making the first cup of coffee for the day dressed as Katy. It is such a relief! But by 7:30 AM I have to wash up and go back to drab before, if I time it just right, my spouse gets up. I find myself doing this little routine a couple of times during the week and I think it helps to keep me sane.

This morning, however, I traveled back in time to when I was 15 or 16. I got up early, put on my face, then jeans and a cute top and my short wig, and I took the trash and recycling out to the road! In the dark of the early morning. With no one around…I hoped. And then I returned to the house. Just like I did when I was 15 and venturing outside for the first time.

It made me think of the hundreds of little steps it takes to learn to deal with one’s transgender feelings. It’s not like you simply dress up and go out in public and that’s it…you are out to the world. Some of us have spent an entire lifetime coming out to the world…in tiny little steps… like taking out the trash at 5 AM.

So here I am in mid-pandemic. As a very lucky trans woman I’ve been to every major theater in Philadelphia for plays and concerts. I’ve had breakfast and lunch in the Reading Terminal Market with 500 of my new, best friends. I’ve been to private cocktail parties at Palm Beach mansions, and even visited the Philadelphia Home Show with at least a 1,000 other visitors.

And here I am…taking out the trash at 5 AM and feeling excited to have done it!


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  1. Shared experiences are what create friendships, bond relationships, and build community and most sisters here can remember the "walk" from the hotel to the car or from the garage to the trash.