Thursday, June 10, 2021

Earring Hack 2.0


Hoop earrings are still in style
I love this feminine look.  

I am having success with these two non-pierce earring hacks.  The one on the left is a play on the old clip earring that works. You see this style in pierced earrings but these do not have a post.  Sometimes an adjust is needed to make sure the back clip holds tight and have proper placement. The earring above, in this style, are comfortable all day. From Amazon - Simple Tube Hoop Clip 

The earnings on the right are a bit different. You take the normal length post and shorten it with wire cutters.  The shorten post is covered with a rubber sleeve and a pad is used on the back. The front pad does push a little into the soft tissue of the ear and becomes invisible. This provides a good tight fit to the ear. 

I like this design. With mask wearing you would be unlikely to pull these off.  Be warned that after wearing these for an evening you will have a small read dot on the front for a few hours. Also any pierced earring with a post and clip can be made into this style (just shorten the post). These are about as close as you can get to pierced without going through the pain/questions. Amazon similar style here with 5 different hoop sizes for 7.99. 



  1. Rhonda, i only have two pairs of clip on earrings. All my other ones are lever-backs where I clip off part of the post. I probably have 30 pairs like that and I wear them all day. I do recommend buying some cheap pairs first to make sure you know how much to cut off. They do leave a spot after being worn, but it is gone in a few hours. Some girls will need to be careful about allergic reactions to cheap metals, because the post is in direct contact with the skin. I will say I have lost a few earrings during the pandemic with mask wearing, so you do need to be mindful when taking the mask off. But my wife lost a. pierced earring the same way, so I think this system works well enough!

    1. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for the comment. Good point on the cheap earrings. I have found that some of the more expensive do not bend to close the gap that shortening the post creates. I have broken several very good earrings adjusting the fit. I love the hoop look.

  2. Make your own replacement earring pads...

    A great substitute for the original pads on clip-on, as well as the modified post earrings, as well as an extra 'no slip' padding on eyeglasses nose pieces is to make your own using "RTV"(room temperature vulcanization) silicone (rubber) glue. RTV silicone glue is sold in toothpaste style tubes and comes in many different colors as well as a universal clear. The possible industrial applications for RTV range into the thousands. I have even used the ‘high heat’ version to replace the gasket seal on an old pressure cooker when a replacement was no longer available from the manufacturer.
    The finished product is waterproof and slip proof and oil proof, so it does not slip on earlobes, ect...
    The finished, cured product is supple and pliable and can be easily cut down and shaped with an Exacto style blade for a perfect look and alignment. The glue is also easy to remove if the desired result is not achieved.

  3. Why not simply pierce your ears ?
    I am by no means full-time, or even "out" to any but my SO , yet I've had both of my ears double pierced since the late 80's - and, quite honestly, no one made a fuss about it . I did one piercing at a time , to be as subtle in the process as possible , but in retrospect, there was no need for that .

    Now , most certainly , there would be no issue if even the "manliest" of men got his ears pierced, so , I urge anyone to "just do it" !

    Your earring options will expand exponentially , and it's MUCH more comfortable than wearing clips for any prolonged period of time .

    Trust me - get your ears pierced . You'll never regret it .