Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Feminine Differential vs Gender Neutrality

I happen upon a very interesting clothing line, Veea.  It is more proof that the younger generation "gets it" and is moving to gender neutrality.  No one likes the feminine differential more than I. However, the future cannot be denied. I feel that here will always be the gender spectrum, the Rambo vs Barbie scale as I call it. However, many are gravitating to a center position either for simplicity or to communicate their reality.

I find it most interesting that so much is becoming available to those seeking this middle place. No more shopping the back pages of risque magazines for secret shops to get clothing and makeup. No more making up stories to sales clerks; "I am shopping for my wife and she happen to be my size..."  Being gender non-conforming is mainstream. I like that. 

Fashion is all about embracing your identity, being proud and  living your life to the full!   


Be your authentic self without apologies. Stay true.

From the Veea Site.


Vee Lee

Back in 2012 when we first launched our brand VEEA, we were providing menswear inspired designs to androgynous women. We were just scratching the surface. To me, being an androgynous brand means breaking the patriarchal boundaries that society imposes for each gender role and embracing both in a non-discriminative way. It’s not just about women wearing suits and men wearing heels or skirts. It needed to be a platform where gender non-conforming, non-binary and LGBTQ+ individuals really have the freedom to explore, represent, express, or find their true essence across the whole gender spectrum. Because it’s bigger than fashion, it’s life.

Androgynous fashion is about embracing your own identity. It’s not about fitting into a box. It’s not lesbian, tomboy, gay, butch, girly, or manly. It’s not masculine or feminine, it’s both.  Yet it doesn’t require you to take on either of those social roles. So you can focus more on just being your authentic self. Stay true.

Sending you all my love and support,

Vee Lee

Founder & Chief Designer


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  1. Cool. There's a boutique in NYC that expressly advertises its clothing is gender-neutral and can be bought/worn by either men or womens. I picked up some fun t-shirts there.