Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Women Who Like Men in Women's Clothes


HubPages has an interesting post on "Women Who Like Men in Women's Clothes.".  From what I can tell this post was written by a woman, LUCY83, and is legitimate in its content.  

I get a lot of very kind emails and comments full of appreciation that I speak positively about men who wear women's clothes. Many of them “wish there were more women who love cross dressers”. And a lot of them say how hard it is to find such women. So there’s obviously something of a shortage of such women. I have touched on this in other articles and here I want to take it further and try to help those of you, who are searching but not finding/

Here is the best part of the article and is so relevant to our Escapes and acceptance:

It’s not just about clothes but also about taste

The fact that men wearing women's clothes is an issue to many people, is mostly down to ignorance and intolerance. We all know that but there’s another side to it that I rarely see mentioned by anyone and that is taste. If you wear something that doesn’t suit you at all then you’re not going to win people’s appreciation. That has little to do with gender. You see, not all women get away with wearing all the clothes they want either. For a laugh, I put on my boyfriends casual wear and it looked absolutely hideous on me even though it was ok on him. Or as another example, try to imagine a very overweight woman with hairy legs, be honest with yourself about how you’d think of her wearing sexy lingerie. And the reality is that most men don’t look after their bodies like women do and so there are a lot more men who aren’t suited to that kind of fashion. It’s not because they can’t become suited or because the male body isn’t suited for it per se, but simply because they didn’t prepare enough.

As far as I’m concerned, I even love those men wearing women's clothes whom it doesn’t suit in the least because it has something endearing and helpless about it. But this is the part where I’m the weird one and you shouldn’t count on meeting many others with such a preference. Then again, I don’t really know that - just a guess based on my observation of the people I meet. The bottom line about this “taste thing” is that, something like sheer tights or suspenders look amazingly hot on the right legs - that is every bit as true for lean muscular men's legs as it is for lean women's legs (far more so in my opinion) and I’m sure most women would agree with me.

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