Friday, June 11, 2021

Friend's Friday - Being Connie

Lately, I'm becoming more and more comfortable and secure  in public as Connie. This photo was taken by a woman friend after we had met for dinner a few weeks ago. As I'm getting older I'm finding it much more comfortable and feeling a sense of serenity being out.  So different than being out as an older GUY

It has become an almost constant source of annoyance and dread having to try to look and feel comfortable being out knowing i'm not a young man anymore. The magic of makeup and foundation garments give me a feeling of security which I find is how I'm now preferring when out. 

I am hoping there comes a time when I'll feel comfortable to let friends and family know of how I do truly feel about myself.

Connie, you look absolutely fabulous and love your hair. Your confidence should be through the roof!  You go girl!  Rhonda 


  1. Congrats on you growth as well as your well accomplished look.
    You could go anywhere, with that look!

  2. Connie is an old friend and she help me get out and about, I had the pleasure of dining out with her and another New England gal

    Go Connie go

  3. Connie -

    I found the same when I started going out myself. Now, I might just be more comfortable as a woman than as being a man.