Thursday, June 3, 2021

Feminine Differential - Tipping Points

Several of my post-Covid (we hope) purchases have been for accessories. Stores are enticing customers with promotions and special gift cards. My good friend Jamie at the Palm Beach Ralph Lauren Boutique invited me in and it was good to see each other after one year. 

I love purses and consider a quality purse the prime accessory.  Although, after I purchase, my propensity is to store it for another day. Finally my old stained, near thread bare eBay Dooney purse was begging for retirement.  As a lover of fine leather, I purchased the above Ralph Lauren "Leather Large Bellport Bucket Bag". Upon returning home, contrary to my typical inclinations, I immediately emptied my old purse and commissioned the new. It was amazing what I found in the bottom of my old purse, but that is for another post.  

Several days later an e-mail arrived with 25% additions off sale items at Ralph Lauren online.  The above items seemed to be a good match for the purse so a good deal was made on the above eye-glass frames (Cat-Eye Panthos Eyeglasses) plus pumps (Lindella Nappa Leather Pump).   

The feminine differential dictates that there be a tipping point from masculine-to-androgynous-to-feminine.  In the fashion world of jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers always look to accessories to be your feminine differential tipping point.   

Also see my 2016 post on "The Feminine Differential - Use Accessories" 


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