Friday, June 18, 2021

Two Easy Pieces - A Wonderful Escape Day


A few day back I got my hair cut/styled by my wonderful hair dresser.  I know nothing about doing my own hair and depend on her for so much.  I listened when she said "ditch the wigs and grow your own", and depend on her for styles that prevent my white hair from looking "old".  She is a true artist.

After my treasured time spent in the feminine enclave of a hair salon, I have a few minutes to spare and stopped by the mall. My main mission was a Starbucks tea. However, to my surprise the mall is back to being fully open at 10:00 am. On the way to Starbucks, one of my favorite store was not only open but beckoned me in with a 30% off banner. I know store shopping is so last decade, but the trying-on and selecting just the right size (not guessing) is a treasured experience. 

Lilly Pulitzer One Piece

The above two "easy pieces" are from Talbots.  The skirt, in petite, is the "GINGHAM COTTON CANVAS SKIRT" and was on sale plus I used a twenty dollar coupon. The "WEEKEND - EMBROIDERED SWEATER" was prominently on display near the skirt and the two begged to be together.  After a quick stop in the changing room the deal was done. I really like the way these two piece go together; easy.  

After a another quick stop in the Macy's lingerie department, I ventured  into the Lilly Pulitzer store to try on a bathing suit I had seen online; the Layne One-Piece Swimsuit. I have been getting good use out of my Beach House's new pool summing/swimming in the afternoon. I have also made friends with several neighbors and have fallen into a ladies pool exercise group. We talk and walk in the pool so nothing strenuous; thus the need for new bathing suit.    

After all the stops,  I headed to the beach house to give the credit cards a cool off.  So much for just getting a tea.    

Katie and I went to dinner that evening and she took the photo above. Thank you my good friend.  From morning to evening - a wonderful escape day .    

 Beach House Community Pool Area


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