Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How to Look More Feminine Naturally

You know how I love Quora.  There is so much good information and here is a good question i saw recently:  

How do I make myself (a guy) look more feminine naturally and safely?   

I assume the intent was to not use hormones or have any surgeries. This is a very reasonable discussion point that addresses many concerns that one might have as they navigate the transgender spectrum. 

Julia Reece, a prolific Quora write , Professional Life Coach, Published Author & Event Organizer, as always, provided a reasonable and intelligent answer.    

Many of the points that Julia discusses work so well for me.  I am taken as female more so now than ever;  my intention.  The gender lines well blurred intentionally.  I have found that it is so much better to be accepted covertly (naturally) rather than forcing an over-the-top presentation.  The latter always prompts the thought, "What is wrong with this look?"


From Julia's personal experience:

Making yourself look more feminine “naturally and safely” sounds reasonable to me, so here we go…

#1 - First, learn how to use skin care products. That will make a noticeable - and an almost immediate difference in your complexion. I personally use skin care products like makeup. I use three to five skin care products on most days, and on some days even more. My face starts out squeaky clean right out of the shower, then I use one or two serums, followed by moisturizers on my checks, neck, and eye area (three separate products). When I’m finished, my skin is glowing and definitely looks more like a woman’s skin than a man’s.

#2 - I occasionally wear makeup too. The photo you see at the top of this answer is similar to what I wear myself, and I typically add a finishing powder like this one: Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder bronze glow.

#3 - I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks into a feminine arch:

#4 - I get my nails manicured every week using the Essie nail color you see below:

#5 - I wear women’s clothing every day - and everywhere. I typically wear women’s designer jeans, women’s leggings, women’s tops, and women’s underwear. I have a full wardrobe of women’s clothing, including accessories.

#6 - I carry a woman’s handbag when I go shopping:

#7 - I use women’s personal care products: deodorant, shampoo, etc.

#8 - On nights out, I’ll wear a woman’s fragrance.

#9 - I get my arms waxed.

#10 - I’m a “touchy feely” type of person who loves to share my thoughts and emotions - and have others share theirs with me.

Do everything I’ve just listed above and you will definitely look - and feel - more feminine naturally. No surgery required.

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  1. Valuable tips. Much of being perceived as female is in the presentation and much of presentation is using makeup, clothing and other gender-based grooming.

    I've played with these my whole life, to varying degrees. Thanks for visiting my blog.