Friday, December 2, 2022

Fashion Trends 2023

Ballet Flats Are Back

My Ballet Flats Collection

Let's face it — ballet flats haven't always been in favor of the fashion world. The dainty, girly shoes were extremely popular in the 1950s when Brigitte Bardot popularized them. They then came back into fashion in the 2000s. Now, with a resurgence in the "French girl" look, the shoes seem to be coming back (via Refinery29). "The ballet flat was definitely an aughts staple," fashion writer and ballet flat enthusiast Tyler McCall told said. "I can think of so many tabloid moments, whether it was Amy Winehouse in literal ballet slippers or Alexa Chung in a pair of denim cutoffs and bright Chanel flats. We're all about mining that nostalgia at the moment."

Fashion Marketing lecturer at London Metropolitan University, Giovanni Bordone agreed. 

"This coming season ballet flats are making a huge comeback and this is aligned with the casual and relaxed look proposed by many houses."

This style was probably launched within the cosplay environment in Japan and in South Korea, expanded in a few major cities in China and then picked up by major fashion houses and launched on the catwalk. I cannot think of a better example of bottom-up trend generation than this."

You heard the experts...

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  1. Hello Stana, Love your postings! What are your thoughts on Keds or Stan Smiths in terms of kinda fun / casual feminine differential options or something similar? Hoping to find to something with a soft touch that won’t add height. -Pauline

  2. Oops- Rhonda that is! My goodness. So sorry( you are my first daily stop) :) -Pauline