Thursday, December 15, 2022

Feminine Differential - Holiday Red


The Color of The Season

My lingerie store (Soma) last week had special employee pricing on many of our holiday offerings. I did not have a red bra, so could not resist the "Embraceable Push Up Bra" in red with matching panties; "Vanishing Edge Microfiber High Leg". So this is a bra and panty set in search of an outfit. The red pants are Chico's "So Slimming 360 Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants".  Chico's is a sister store to Soma and I do get employee discounts there also.   

The red top is Venus - "Hi-Def Balloon Sleeve Top". As described, "Get ready to see your curves in high definition! Featuring Hi-Def's signature double layers of smoothing fabric, this balloon-sleeve top hugs, contours and enhances your figure."  i have this top in white / short sleeve, so hoping for a similar fit.   

I listed this as a "Feminine Differential", which is obvious for the lingerie and overall outfit. However, seldom if ever, do you see anyone other than females, "Donning Our Gay Apparel!" AKA, wearing all red for the holidays. Sorry for the singing pun.  

So put on your most festive (red) outfit and "ESCAPE" for a holiday event / party. I do have a Meetup party this weekend; red wine optional.    

Deck the Halls with Lyrics


  1. Love the outfit Rhonda!

  2. Here in Kansas City MO, it is not unusual to see both males and females all decked out in red. It is because of our Kansas City Chiefs and not because of Christmas. For that reason, I do own a couple red bras and several red panties. I did buy a green bra last week for the same reason you purchased a red one. I didn't have one and it seemed to be Christmas festive to me. This past summer I got my ears pierced and have been having all manner of fun wearing Christmas earrings. The feminine differential is so much fun.
    Elizabeth Marie