Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Feminine Differential - Bows


Bows are a quintessential feminine differential.  I cannot imagine a male utilization other than the bow-tie. Do men still wear them?  I remember wearing a clip-on=tie as a kid. A Quora comment on bows here. 

I like this casual look as an alternative to my everyday jeans. This will work especially when a little more dressy dinner / evening look is needed.  The slim ankle and bow will draw attention down to the shoes, so make sure the heels work with the outfit.  I already have several white tops that have puff sleeves; another wonderful feminine differential. 

Several years ago I purchased "Slim Ankle Cargo Pants" with a tie at the leg opening that looks super cool. With black tops, I have gotten a lot of wear and many complements on this combination.  See my - Feminine Differential - Cargo pants post

I will keep you posted on how these works out. Here is the Amazon listing.  GRACE KARIN Womens Casual High Waist Pencil Pants with Bow-Knot Pockets; Prime for $32.99

Note on the blue suede pumps - (Is that a song?)   Sam Edelman, HAZEL POINTED TOE HEEL.  


This, I hope, will be a great day-to-evening outfit. 

Delivery Update.  An Amazon keeper. The material is substantial, The wide high waist is half elastic and the front bow is a long matching-material belt that ties into another bow. The length is to the ankle and is slim cut which accents the bows that are at ankle.  Reasonable price for the amount of style provided and adorable. I cannot wait for the opportunity to wear it.    


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  1. To tie a perfect bow, with instructions and video so well done that even I can do it right: https://raredirndl.com/blogs/oktoberfest-tips-tricks-hacks/the-trick-to-tying-the-perfect-bow-for-your-dirndl-apron-1?_pos=2&_sid=672c07458&_ss=r