Friday, December 9, 2022

Feminine Differential - Embellished Jeans

Jeans have become the ubiquitous uni-sex conthing item.  Levi dd its magic by turning tent canvas material in to a miracle fashion must have. First as a California gold mine work uniform and then into a fashion statement. The problem has always been how to make jeans more fashionable to those who desire a feminine differential.  

Chico's Chain-Trim Pull-On Jeggings
First there were bell-bottoms, that emerged into uni-sex and is now are universally called "Boot-Cut". Then skinny jeans emerged and boys began shopping in the junior department because they "fit better." 

I write about "Fashion Recycle - Embroidered Jeans" back in 2017 and wore a pair of bell bottom, embroidered jean back in the early '70s. An early days, ever so slight, feminine differential display. I do remember buying them in the junior department and enjoyed seeing the size "11" tag while putting them on. 

Just a few weeks ago my Soma sister store, Chico's, had on sale "Chain-Trim Pull-On Jeggings".  These are super skinny and have a very tight high rise fit, due to the pull on design; no zipper. 

I love these and wore them last week on my trip to dinner. Jeans are so easy to dress-up and dress-down with the right top and boots / heels.   

I have come to appreciate Pull-On Jeggings for just the right feminine differential.  




  1. Okay! Back in1970 I borrowed my girlfriend’s stripped jeans for a party. Fast forward 50+ years. Now I wear my wife’s skinny jeans. If people don’t like it don’t look. Same attitude same person only older maybe wiser.?

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    I wear high heels all the time for hip pain. I use to wear men's pants with a 33" inseam to hide my heels. Now my pants and jeans have transition to women's
    with an inseam closer to 28" and I no longer hide my heels.
    I have many mid rise pants size 10's including cords and snake print jeans. However, I am now enjoying skinny high rise flex jeans from Express. Skinny jeans so I can wear my knee high and OTK boots on the outside.
    PS: "Anonymous" stop wearing your wife's jeans and get some of your own!

    1. Send me photos - I would love to feature your style.

  3. So the same day I went to Family Dollar. Straight to the Woman’s dept. I found a pair of skinny jeans,leggings,and footless tights. Cashier probably thought I was Xmas shopping. Little did she know. All set cold weather on the way so probably wear unisex sweatshirt with them. Xmas gifts for me from me.