Thursday, January 10, 2019

AI VR - Getting Dressed

The future of getting dressed: AI, VR and smart fabrics

Getting dressed with augmented reality, AI (Video source CNN Tech)

Several months ago I purchased a skirt from an overseas online store.  It looked so good on the model and was reasonable enough. When it arrived it looked awful. Had I been able to try it on in a store the purchase would have never occurred. Unfortunately returning it was not a option. Most of my on-line purchases are from US based companies and returns are easy to either the actual store or with provided return postage. Return credits are reasonably fast.

Online shopping is the future. One trip to the mall and you see this trend shift.  Stores are closing with some going away forever. Sears, which was the "Amazon" of its day, is a shadow of itself now. I will be amazed if it survives 2018.   

The above video is all about virtual reality or seeing how something would look on you and seeing how it would move on your body. With Photoshop you could always cut and paste the catalog image over your photo or create a virtual fashion layout as I do many times. This step goes further. Much further. 

Here is an excerpt from the accompanying CNN Tech article.  

If algorithms do their job well, people will spend less time thinking about what to wear, said Ranjitha Kumar, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.From artificial intelligence and gadgets to smart fabrics and virtual reality, technology is poised to breathe innovation into not only how we dress but how we shop. 

The article concludes with the note "All of that is becoming possible, but we're not quite there yet," 

Still, an interesting shopping concept.  

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