Thursday, January 3, 2019

Feminine Differential - The Clutch

I will spare you the automotive definition of Clutch and and tell you about my other "new" favorite purse.  There are times when a minimalist approach is needed and a large bucket purse is not the polished look you want. The clutch purse screams sophisticated, however there are disadvantages.

They will not hold all of your stuff. They aren’t hands-free. You might leave them behind after you’ve set them down. The concept is a little awkward. So can you use the clutch for daytime?  I know. I thought exactly the same thing, leaving all my clutches for fancy evening out. However here is a good discussion on the "Daytime Clutch".

From the Blog You Look Fab, here are Seven Reasons to Carry a Daytime Clutch:

  • They look modern: There is something about the aesthetic that screams “graphic modern fabness” to my eye, especially when the clutches are rectangular with sharp corners.
  • They look minimal: Their strap-free integrity adds a simpler element to your outfit, which personally speaks to my minimal style.
  • They look different: Wearing a clutch during the day makes a different type of fashion statement to the oversize handbag.
  • They are unfussy: I’ve found carrying a clutch less fussy when they are mid-sized or smaller. Less bag equals less fuss. The fact that they are not hooked onto a body part, like a shoulder or elbow, makes me feel more carefree. And when I need both hands, I pop my clutch under my arm. That little trick works like a charm.
  • They are kind to your neck and shoulders: I generally don’t carry bags on my shoulder or across my body because I find these styles less comfortable. Neck and shoulder pain is often the result of this type of bag style. So I clutch the straps of my satchels in one hand, or hook them into the crook of my arm. The way I already carry my satchels made carrying a daytime clutch less of a stretch.
  • They force you to carry fewer items: I’ve pared down the contents of my handbag even further to accommodate my smaller clutches. Lighter handbags make me happy.
  • You need a style change: Handbags are my favorite wardrobe item and very much part of my outfit. I’m enjoying how a clutch makes my daytime outfits look and feel different.

Banana Republic is an unlikely place to find quality hand bags.  Automatically you think Yves Saint Laurent, Coach and Gucci, I own all of the clutch bags above and proud that not only did I purchase at BR, but found all of the above on sale.  The leather quality is wonderful as well,the construction. Note: the three top envelope bags have a chain, over the shoulder strap.   Great for handling hors d'oeuvres, canap├ęs, a cocktail napkin and a glass of wine. 

It is obvious from my previous purse discussions that there are items that I leave at home when carrying a clutch (point-n-shoot camera for one) however, for events and cocktail receptions where a level of sophistication is needed, give it a try.  

Tell us about your purse collection, styles and preferences?  

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