Tuesday, January 1, 2019

'18 In Review - What is your plan for 2019?

Every year after I put together a review, I cannot imagine having anything for the upcoming year. Last year I could only imagine 2018 being disappointing; however, it turned out to be just the opposite.  

One disappointment did occur early on as the contract software travel/training gig I had for the last four years came to an end. It was rewarding and provided opportunities to visit the few remaining US cities I have not visited, and a good chance to meet others in our community.  That door closed early in 2018. However, a non-profit locally has me doing their database work now. All dressed up and someplace to go - again. I love to work, so stay tuned for more details…

Big event of the year - February was my 70th birthday.  

April provided a fun trip back to Virginia (my childhood home) to attend the 50th anniversary of my college graduation. This was a milestone year not only for me but this year marked the 50 anniversary that the school became a University and merged with another prestigious Virginia college.  I had a great time and made contact with old friends that I had not seen in a number of years. I had a personal tour of the now expanded engineering school by the Dean and met with several professors doing some amazing work. I have received an invitation to be on the Engineering School Alumni board.

While there I was approached and asked if the school alumni magazine could do an article on my being a 50-year engineering graduate and being a transgender advocate. I readily accepted and the interview/story ran in the school’s alumni on-line magazine in June. The Engineering school picked up on the article, expanded it and ran it in their newsletter. The comments that both articles received were very positive/encouraging. 

The end of June I did my first ever cruise out of Fort Lauderdale.  The ship “Allure of the Seas” was the largest at the time and I am so sorry I had not done this adventure/escape before.  The food, the entertainment, the ports, the excitement was simply amazing.  All of the crew works so hard to make sure that everyone has a good time.  There were wine tasting, Broadway plays, pedicures, formal dining, and pool time.  The best of all, sitting on my balcony and looking out at a full moon; breathtaking.  

Some other events:  The international auto show in Toronto.  Events with my Mercedes Car Club. A trip over to Cape Coral to visit with Susan Street (fellow blogger). A trip to Cleveland to celebrate a friend’s 70th birthday and a day spent with Kandi. The Nutcracker Ballet in Toronto the first of December. Polo, and many business and social group “meet-ups” each month.  

What will 2019 bring?  Let’s hope for more interesting people, adventures, and escapes with purpose.  

What is your plan for 2019?


  1. Congrats on you and your blog. I rarely miss a day of your 'escape'.
    BTW you look absolutely stunning for age 70/(71-(1/12)). Velma