Monday, January 14, 2019

CINO - Franklin Graham

According to the Urban Dictionary, CINO denotes "Christian In Name Only". (pronounced SEE-no) This applies to Christians that claim to be Christian, but don't follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They tend to be ignorant of the Gospel and follow the Old Testament instead of the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.

Instead of doing all they can to help the poor as Jesus teaches, a CINO follows the Hebrew tradition of tithing only 10% to a church. A CINO values money over God. A CINO prays in public and on social media even though Jesus said to pray in private. Often a CINO will use the term Christian to promote political values that are not actually Christian.

Facebook seems to be unable to get out of it's own way recently. However, last week Facebook temporarily blocked Franklin Graham’s account over an old post he wrote attacking transgender rights.

The 24-hour block on Graham’s popular Facebook account was reportedly prompted by concerns that a two-year-old post he wrote attacking transgender people’s rights possibly violated the company’s standards on hate speech. Read more at the HUFFPOST  

Thanks Facebook for calling out this post for want it represents - hate speech.   

Here is the post:  

Facebook’s publicly posted community standards prohibit hate speech, which it defines as a “direct attack” on people based on a range of protected characteristics, including gender identity. It defines an attack as “violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation.”

So the week's CINO award goes to Franklin Graham.

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  1. As a person who has lived almost all of his life in the South, I can not stand the 'holier than thou', 'you gonna get your PIE IN THE SKY''noise' from "GRAHAM AND COMPANY". This message was mostly sold to poor, under paid Carolina 'cotton mill workers' as a (I suspect) a method to placate the masses and to discourage organization.
    Graham Jr. has shown his stripes by paying himself a $500,000/ year salary.
    Science fiction writer L Ron HUBBARD once mentioned 'if you want to really make money, start a religion. So he did just that!