Thursday, January 24, 2019

Beyond Proper - Revisit

My Wednesday, December 19 post, went into details about a purchase of a Boston Proper CHUNKY CABLE OFF THE SHOULDER DRESS

More than once I have received the suggestion to show the actual wearing of the items in the wild. Thursday evenings are an impromptu meetup that Caitlin and I typically attend.  We try and get there a least once-a-month and have become regulars.  A very  welcoming group including the in-crowd and staff.

I wore the Boston Proper sweater dress two weeks ago and the photo above was taken at the Colony Hotel - Palm Beach. The room is their redecorated dining area. The evening was cool for South Florida so the dress was smart and appropriate. 

I love doing virtual modeling by doing fashion layouts and do receive positive comments.This likely goes back to playing with paper dolls that I adored as a child. The fashion layouts allows for the mixing and matching of items, many of which I have in my closet, with items I see on Pinterest or online. I hope that I occasionally inspire.

The dress is still available (now on sale) and the shoes are a recent Nine-West (on sale) purchase.  

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