Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Speaking To A Wider Human Community

This is a one of a kind art piece by Felix d'Eon. FĂ©lix D'Eon is a gay, Mexican-American activist and artist. The son of an undocumented immigrant mother, he is originally from LA but currently resides in Mexico City. He is primarily a painter, and his work is an exploration of queer representation, love, eroticism, and desire; and transgender.

Whatever his orientation, this painting captures a mood that only someone who has lived this very reality could capture. Have not all of us been there and seem ourselves in this very mirror?   

It is titled "High Heeled Shoes" and I found this watercolor for sale on Etsy as an original drawing.  The same is also available as a print. Numerous other water color originals and prints are available. 

Below is a TED talk that features the artist.

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