Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Feminine Differential - The Agony of De'Feet

Johnson and Murphy tassel heels
Let's talk about a problematic area of female presentation. Many venturing out feel their feet are large and see this as a negative to their overall presentation. Take heart, women's feet are getting larger compared to times past. Here is a quote from the London newspaper The Independent; the title "WHY OUR FEET ARE GETTING BIGGER":

The nation's feet have grown by two shoe sizes in just four decades. In fact, we're bigger and taller all over, reports Jeremy Laurance.
But this is not just a UK phenomenon. In the US, the average female foot was a 6.5 in the 1960's (equivalent to UK size 4), rising to 7.5 in the 1970's (UK 5). Today, the average American woman has a shoe size between 8.5 and 9 - equivalent to a UK 6.5. Kate Winslet is US size 11 (UK 8.5) and Rihanna a US 9 (UK 6.5).

Note this article - 10 CELEBRITIES WITH SURPRISINGLY BIG FEET (Little known fact - Audrey Hepburn had 10 1/2 Feet.)

I personally do not have large male feet (9 in female size). This was a source of some teasing as I grew up. Typically I would compensate by shoe shopping for male shoes that made my feet appear a little larger. Male shoes are made to compensate for a wider footbed, thus accentuating the length of the foot. Female shoes do the opposite in an effort to make the foot look dainty.

Even in my now average size female foot, I still try and find shoes that enhance the feminine look. Yes, high heels make the foot look smaller by putting the whole foot on an angle. Single geometry - Each foot forms the hypotenuse of a triangle - As the height goes up, the length decreases.

I am not encouraging unreasonable or unsafe heel height. There is a point of diminishing returns when walking becomes difficult. We have all watched the video of models on the runway falling as they attempt the impossible.

So to get back to a differential that can work. The above Johnson and Murphy tassel heels are wonderful for creating the optical illusion of a small foot. Wise shopping, practice, and confidence can mitigate what could be considered a negative. Escape with confidence.

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