Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Last week with my  Denim Top and Skirt post, I was called out for being insensitive to my climate challenged readers.  Yes, I do realize that you do have almost three months of winter left.  Yes, I understand just how brutal the wind, cold rain, and snow can be.  I have not always lived in South Florida and do travel occasionally to the frozen north; those areas north of Jacksonville Florida.  

Because of my business travels north, I have ever so reluctantly added warm-weather attire to my wardrobe. After being teased for not having anything warm during a long December-January contract in Iowa a few year back, I did buy a leather coat somewhere about my last week there. Who knew that -10 (f) could be so cruel.  Live and learn.

Last year for a business trip to Montreal I bought the above  Laundry by Shelli Segal white down puffer coat.  Not only is it warm, but cute, even though I look like the “Michelin Man” when I am wearing it. I have also been practicing the not so subtle technique of layering; camisoles, tops, sweater and coat.  About a month ago in Toronto I wore a long denim skirt, bulky sweater, tights, and boots as a total surrender to near freezing. I could not have been more pleased when leaving a store a random woman, somewhat young, stopped and told me I looked “put together and nice”.  Life can be good even when one is freezing.   

I am so sorry for being so insensitive. However, Florida does beckon to you for a visit (thaw) anytime. For this first week in January 2018, we are expecting temperatures in the low 80s (Friday 84). See you soon. Now, where did I put my white shorts and sandals? 


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