Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Feminine Differential - Your Style

Feminine Style 
Do you have a unique style?  Ask the question to a guy and you will get a blank stare. After a very long pause, you might get “yea, khaki Dockers and a polo shirt for work and khaki Dockers and a polo shirt for going out at night.“

Femininity provides an endless array of ways to express your moods, your individuality, and your “sense of style”.  With all the choices it is easy to be all over the board and not really develop a unique “you”.  Money being your only limiting factor. We all have been to a picnic where one of the women rather than shorts and t-shirt had on a skirt, fancy top and full make-up. That was her style.

My style as I shopped for many years was professional. That was my day-to-day exposure. Every escape during those days was designed around being dressy for a professional event.  Pinterest has one page with 264 different pins of different styles.  The range is from ruffled leopard blouses to embroidered jeans to romantic sheer dresses.  And this is one page with over-the-top femininity on display.  Style!

I love Susan Street's site "Susan After 60".  She has a beautiful sense of style, and offers many practical suggestions. On display is her beauty (at any age) for all of us to study and emulate.      

As I look into my closet, I see that I have added casual to my wardrobe mix.  This is true, although I have not locked into a style that is me. I have been cleaning out my closet “purging, as I must”, items that although feminine, are just not me.  The test – I put it on, look in a mirror and then take it off.  The question, “if not now, then when will I ever wear this?”  That is my queue to put it aside for the garage sale or Goodwill.

Shopping online contributes to the issue. Something will look wonderful on the model and I order.  When it arrives, it looks, kind-of-OK, so I keep it. Then two years later, I wonder why it was ordered.  Although beautiful, it is not my style now or likely never was.
Think about your style when purchasing and getting dressed. Develop a sense of style that reflects you.  Ultra feminine on one side, tom-boy on the other; or somewhere in the middle. There is no right-or-wrong. When dressing, be cognizant of how it makes you feel. If you are comfortable, feel pretty, feel feminine and it is “YOU”, this is your style. 

It you have found your style, let no one judge you for being that individual. You are being who you are.  

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