Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Andy Borowitz - The End of Trump

Andy Borowitz
"The End of Trump" - The New Yorker contributor discusses Nazis, Donald Trump and impeachment, and the starting of his own movement, Elitism.  Stay with to the end - it is worth watching.  

America has spoken. 

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  1. The video was DELICIOUS!
    Unfortunately, for Andy Borowitz, the well educated and sophisticated hired help of the RNC, (incidentally they are the REAL so called 'ELITISTS' however with no real sense of ETHICS), should Borowitz' movement gain traction, will 'mow him over' and 'plow him under' in mere seconds, by no more than using his own words against him. Especially by branding him with that 'ELITIST' word.
    These 'hired guns', know how to manipulate the inadequately educated 'working class'(who have been initially conned into thinking they are 'educated' 'middle and upper class') by using some VERY sophisticated psychological 'image icons', notably starting with Sarah Palin herself. This is no less primal to human behavior than the students in HIGH SCHOOL, blindly following the line and rhyme of pretty cheerleaders.
    In a related note, did you ever notice how TRUMP almost NEVER 'disses' the pretty 'babe' regardless of her political/social/racial affiliation? T-RUMP the psychopath, instinctively knows better. T-RUMP attacks the 'outsider' in order to create 'insiders' who 'believe and 'follow' him.
    In respect to Borowitz' great speech, the RNC knows that people dont, cant, and have been deliberately minimally trained to THINK, so to compensate, they make decisions based on how they have been manipulated to 'feel'. These persons cannot/have not been trained to differentially 'feel' from 'think', and then act on 'think'.
    Yes, some of the 'sheeple' do eventually 'get it', or GET WOKE, -as is the new saying-, but my observation it is usually 'too little, too late and not until after these persons have unintentionally screwed themselves and their cause do they actually 'get woke'. Velma