Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Time Machine

The layout above features a Venus "LACE UP SHOULDER TEE".  I know Venus is the for the under thirty crowd, however, occasionally I find a cute piece that is worth exploring. It was on sale at 24.99 and my only complaint is that the material is thin. In a lighter color the weight of the material would have been a no-go.  The shoulder decorations, actual laces and grommets, are cute and decorative with  three rows on each shoulder. The notch is low and shows just enough cleavage, as long as your bra has a v in front. Plan accordingly and a dark colored bra would work best with the light weight material. It will work with a casual skirt or white denim jeans.    

There are times I embarrass myself looking at the Venus catalog. The models are so young and I assume that is their target market. I cannot help but think what it would be like to be 20 something again; if only I knew then, what I know today.



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