Thursday, April 11, 2019

Most Worn Accessory

Calvin  Klein (CK5462) in Havana Blue
I remember my grandparents having one pair of glasses and wearing then all the time. In fact if they ever took them off, they looked so different  - Not the couple I knew. Their glasses were not an accessory but their identity. Yes, other shirts, dresses, shoes and ties but the overall look was their glasses. And it did not change.  

Rittenhouse Eye Associates addressed the new reality in eye wear:

There was a time, not too long ago, when eyeglasses were considered ugly and unacceptable in the world of fashion. People dreaded hearing that particular diagnosis from their eye doctor and would beg for contact lenses or just as well leave the eye wear in their drawer, causing their eyesight to grow even worse. Then, at the turn of the century, everything began to change. A new standard of fashion emerged, wherein everything that was once associated with the uncool was now fashionable. All of the sudden, people were clamoring to wear eyeglasses as their new fashion accessory, not only accepting their diagnosis, but reveling in it.

Eye wear now had a new descriptor added to its tag line "Fashion".  Gone are the days when you have only one pair. There was a time when all that was available was the wire-framed glasses and maybe one or two plastic frames. They looked like the safety glasses I had to wear at my first job; yuck.  These frames were the same for anyone and sunglasses were the only types of eyeglasses that were sold with more exciting patterns. This is no longer the case. Of course wire frames are still available, and oddly enough, quite popular. However, now, you can get any style of frames your heart desires.

'89 Rhonda With Fashion Glasses
Here is a great statistic:  Research from The College of Optometrists reveals that a huge 43 per cent of people believe glasses make them look smarter. For another 36 per cent, it’s about appearing more professional and businesslike. And a significant 49 per cent would also be happy to slip their glasses on for a romantic break or while out on a date (39 per cent). Oh, how times have changed.

The above glasses are Calvin  Klein (CK5462) in Havana Blue.  They have a tortoise coloration and are listed as female gendered. I love the look. I stopped in at my favorite eye glass shop "Eyes On The Island" in Palm Beach and purchased these last Saturday. Ben is super to deal with and always makes me feel special. The will be ready Wednesday. If you have a prescription of simply want the browse the beautiful frames check out Eyes on the Island, Palm Beach.   

It is not at all unusual for us to to spend time shopping for a pair of earnings, bags, jewelry, belts and shoes that we only wear occasionally. What accessory do you wear every day.  So don't be boring. Choose an eyeglass style to accent you mood, and enhance your look. Eye wear is becoming the most important fashion accessory.  

See my friends at: 

Eyes On The Island
209 Royal Poinciana Way
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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  1. I also love my 'gurl glasses'. They are a great way to diminish 'man face; There are 'by mail' re-lensing services if you find a special vintage frame set. AND they will do a 'non refractive' lens for fashion purposes.
    I read that 'donated' frames going to underdveloped countries for re-use has hit a snag, as with the internet advert machine, EVERYONE wants contemporary glasses 'as seen' in ....