Thursday, April 4, 2019

Finding Jeans That Fit

Lee Slim Classic Jeans
I hope not to disappoint, however the vast part of my day is spent in jeans.  When not a work or out for the evening, I work at my home computer wearing jeans.  Jeans that fit, are comfortable and require no planning.

I love getting dressed up with the best and ready for an elegant evening at the drop of the invitation. I watch for local Meet-Up happening, attend several business networking groups and love being out. My  blog being the testament. After an evening out nothing beats having my cup of tea and relaxing in jeans and t-shirt barefoot by the pool. "Alexa - play Car Talk or give me my morning briefing".     

I have my old faithful jeans that I tend to wear until thread bear.  I know the style is toward the distressed look but the old me, when it starts falling apart, time to replace. Much like makeup and lipstick colors, find something you like and you likely will never see it aging; jeans seem to follow that model as well. I have found the Lee line of clothing (jeans) to be somewhat consistent for year-to-year.

I found recently an article on-line that talked about your jean personality. "What Your Jeans Say About You":

There’s no denying the fact that jeans are the single most popular style of pants in the world. Studies have shown that the average American owns approximately seven pairs of jeans. Of course, some people own even more, with jeans accounting for the largest segment of their wardrobe. But not all jeans are the same, nor are they are all made equal. Different jeans have subtle nuances in style, shape and overall fashion. This is why it’s important to choose the right jeans that reflect YOUR personality. (Dark vs Light, Boot-Cut,  Stretch Denim, Retail vs Custom-Made, Distressed)

Who would have thought?

"Alexa, where's my stuff?" She proudly told me "Coming today."  So I will soon have my replacement every day jeans made by Lee. I hope they fit like my old friend, Lee Jeans.  That pair will soon cross over the jeans rainbow bridge. You served me well.  

The new are, LEE Women's Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean from Amazon.   

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