Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Walking in Heels - Classic Photo

The instructions for walking in high heel have always said "Heel-Toe".  Wiki-how describes it here.

Walk from heel to toe. Aim to walk as normally as possible in your high heels. When walking in flats, you don't walk on the balls of your feet or put your whole foot down at once, do you? So don't do either of these things in heels. Put your heel to the ground first, followed smoothly by your toes. Then, once your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward as if you're walking on your tip toes, and push forward for the next step.

I have always been a natural in heels. I am as comfortable in heel as flats. Likely this come for playing with my mother's shoes at a young age.  She always had beautiful shoes. Practice, and in my case, years of experience. Many times I am given the sideways complement, "I don't see how you walk in those heels?"  

According to the Zoe report, "The photo here is J. Lo arriving on set in a Brunello Cucinelli suit — one that consisted of forest-green cropped trousers and a matching, double-breasted blazer. The singer slipped into a pair of sky-high, Christian Louboutin lace-up booties that coordinated with the suit's green hue, keeping it simple with her accessories." 

What caught my eye was how the photo captures the "Heel-Toe"
stride for walking in heels.  Now that you see the technique,  practice makes perfect. 


  1. I, too, have always felt natural in heels. Even while wearing flats, including men's shoes, I have had a natural tendency to carry myself with a feminine posture and gait. I remember so well my mother demanding that I not walk that way when I was a child, and I had to practice, by copying a particularly athletic boy at school, a more-masculine walk. It's kind of funny, though, that I wasn't such a bad athlete, myself, and I was always one of the fastest runners (third place in the 440 at the state track meet). My "twinkle toes" served me well in my running style, I guess. ;-)

    For me, the trick is to not shift the weight off of the back foot until the ball of the front foot has hit the ground. If the weight shifts too soon to the front heel, there is little stability offered from a stiletto heel. Doing so could lead to something breaking - whether it be the heel of the shoe or your ankle.

    Walking correctly in heels involves more than just the feet, however, as it starts with ones whole posture - from the head right on down to the toes.

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