Thursday, April 18, 2019

Feminine Differential - The Enclave

I know many men go to unisex hair salons and the day of the "Barbershop" is passe. Still some salons are the epitome of femininity. My mother called it "going to the beauty parlor" and this was "NO-MANS-LAND".  Few men would enter without serious treat to their masculinity.

Curious History describes The Rise of Hair Salons Through the Ages: Beauty parlor of the 40's and 50's era was about hairspray, relaxers and other styling products. Beauty salons became the go-to-place for women to escape from their mundane life, get pampered and indulge in gossip.     

Oh how I remember going with my mother to the beauty parlor and being relegated to the chairs in the entrance area. I remember enduring the awful smells, the curling devices that resembled some torture mechanism and my mother getting something called a permanent. Thinking, "if it was permanent", then why did she need to go back every week. Oh silly me. 

While in Ontario last week, I entered just such a beautiful Feminine Enclave. Knowing I was going to a play and other activities over the weekend, a friend-of -a-friend recommended Jodi at Desème Salon, Spa & Boutique, Burlington, Ontario. The salon is beautiful and wow did I get a wonderful shampoo and blow dry. My hair had been cut only a few days earlier and I provided little direction other than make it full/nice. She complemented my "Michael" cut and did her magic with brush and blow dryer. She knew just what I wanted, knew her business, and in about 30 minutes almost complete. After a little spray, I was done. 

Thank you Darlene.  A great place to go and Jodi was professional and fun. 

Being the one receiving the services is so much better than watching from a chair; and wishing.  

Jodi and I at Deseme Salon


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