Friday, April 26, 2019

Friend's Friday - Making Lemonade

I had wonderful comments on my Monday post, “The Science of Transgender”. Thank you all. I really want this blog to be two-way communication.  

That post was not at all new information for those of us that study and absorb all we can on being transgender. I wanted to mentioned my personal observation along with the theoretical science.  I am certainly not unique.      

How the effects of DES on the unborn could have been dismissed in the first place, is near criminal; and why it took so long to ban the substance is likewise indefensible. Also, the exponential rate of growth in breast cancer is more than peripheral.  And yes, physiologically, gender is complicated enough without throwing dysphoria into the mix.

Development of female breast cancer mortality

One need go no further than the graphs found in Cancer Trends During the 20th Century, as published in the Journal of Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine for the answer. See for yourself how cancer rates evolved in Sweden during the 20th Century

In my case, I have never considered my being transgender a debilitating condition.  Like my dyslexia, it is part of me and is not going away. Something to be dealt with. Knowing the possible why, on the transgender issue, only satisfies my inquisitive nature; changing nothing. The fix does is not in the why.  

The old adage about making lemonade comes into action. A long time ago I came to the realization that owning being transgender could be insightful, fun and exciting. We do not suffer from "multiple personality disorder" by being being transgender, and the sooner we reconcile our male/female sides the better person we become as a whole.  

As a positive, I have had the privilege of knowing some of the most interesting and intelligent individuals ever. Diversity reigns and forces us to look past the superficial and see the person inside. Many of the blogs that discuss being transgender and life’s issues are articulate and super thought-provoking. Thank you. Few understand the effort writing a blog entails. 

My advice for what is's worth – if you are transgender be the best transgender person you can. Live life to the full. Put your best panties/boxers on and make some sweet lemonade.  

Again, thank you for your comments.  

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