Monday, April 29, 2019

Is The Future Unisex?

When writers and filmmakers depict the future, they often include one strange detail: men and women dressing alike; genderless. In most of the sci-fi even going back to the early Star Treck series, men and women wore the same styles. So are we to assume that the future will have us all dressing the same?  What? No dresses, skirts, corsets, and heels?

What is genderless fashion anyway? According to Lia McGarrigle writing in HIGHSNOBIETY, Fashion Is Moving Toward a Genderless Future:

Of course, from a streetwear perspective, the idea of men, women, or non-binary people wearing the same clothes doesn’t seem new. But the key difference is that while streetwear is worn by everyone, the vast majority of it is made for and marketed to men.

The aim of genderless fashion is to break free from the gender restrictions codified in the clothes we wear. To put it simply, designers are seeking to give consumers the freedom to explore what they want to wear without worrying that their choices say anything about their sexuality or gender.

As Clemens puts it, “It’s not about putting a dress on a guy or whatever — it’s just clothes that look good on everyone.”

Zara's Genderless Clothing 
In my 2016 post, I quoted from the CNN Style article "Unisex Fashion Trends and Gender Equality". Also worth noting that about that same time, Selfridges of UK installed Agender, a temporary pop-up section of the department store that focused on genderless or gender-neutral clothing. Even high-street brands such as H&M and Zara have released genderless lines, although they have been called out for utilizing a one-sided, more classically masculine selection.  Yuck!

In my opinion one would think that there would be some blending or an ever so slight nod to the feminine; just in case some would want some flair or individuality. Much of the unisex fashion today hides the feminine figure and just makes women look like men.  

Some see gender lines being blurred in clothing as a way to demonstrate equality of the sexes or freedom from sexual roles. That is true in that everyone should have the freedom to wear what pleases. Personally, I hope that in the future, there will always be room for style and a place to express one's individuality. 

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