Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fashion in the Wild - Pride in Shopping

Style does not have to break the bank and can still involve shopping at quality stores/online merchants.  The centerpiece of this outfit is the top.  It is still available for purchase and black goes with everything. The other pieces have been in my closet for a number of years. Investment shopping can scan seasons and trends.   

First the top. It is Boston Proper's " Slub keyhole boyfriend tee".  I got it a few weeks ago for $17.00 and this week it is now available for $12. It is sexy and I got many complements last evening at the Colony, Palm Beach, where the photo was taken.  I have good luck with Boston Proper, although many of the items, shall we say, tend to be youthful. Choose with caution.   

The heels are Cole Haan, purchased in wide a few season ago and are wear-all-night comfortable. It is well worth waiting for Cole Haan's sales. The skirt is also from a few seasons ago and was purchased at Banana Republic. Again, always watch for their sale. Banana Republic will randomly offer 50% off new merchandise.  The belt is a stretch number from Amazon.  


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