Friday, April 19, 2019

Friends Friday - Copeland Davis

I get requests occasionally on how an outfit looks when wearing it in a real world situation. The photo above is from an outing at the Colony Hotel, Palm Beach two Thursday's; (April 4, 2019).  There was the usual Thursday crowd and another large group for a book signing. I believe the author was female and in attendance were some very well dressed women. 

I have had this Boston Proper gingham knit sweater for a while and this was my first time wearing it. With renewed confidence utilizing Corset 2.0, I love the way the top hugs. The knit pants are from Talbots and the shoes are Banana Republic, Madison Pumps. I attempted to stay with black and white for the accessories.  

Caitlin and I had a marvelous time and after a glass of wine at the bar we had dinner outside by the Colony pool. After dinner I noticed someone playing the piano and ventured over. It was my old friend Copeland Davis; an amazing  piano artist. He has the ability to play anything and improvises as he is going. My favorite is his abridge version of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. He said, "I have not played that in years". Then played it for me while we are carrying on a conversation and laughing. Love you, Copeland. A special end to a wonderful escape evening!

A standing ovation was the response to Copeland's TV debut on the "Tonight Show." With appearances following on "Good Morning, America," and his own PBS special. In addition to three appearances on ABC's "B.L. Stryker," There was also his subsequent induction into The International Who's Who in Music and The Las Vegas Entertainers Hall Of Fame in 2014.

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