Thursday, May 17, 2018

Art Meets Life

Source: CNN Fashion

Daniel Lismore
Swathed in layers of material, ornaments and jewelry, a soft-spoken artist named Daniel Lismore proclaims that this is his "version of a T-shirt and shorts."

Lismore has long had a reputation as one of London's most flamboyant dressers, each day flying the flag for individuality with his eye-catching ensembles. His outfits serve as a form of statement, sculpture and even armor.

In this short film, he talks about how his singular sense of style has helped him to break down social boundaries and overcome a shy childhood.

"I don’t see dressing as a practical thing. It is extension of myself and also it is vision of myself, an image I have in my head to see how the world will be to me; How it is going to react. Dressing is a powerful thing".  Daniel


Scott "Sussi" Sussman

There is a new generation of club kids in London, and among the most recognizable of them is Scott "Sussi" Sussman. With huge red lips, a gap tooth and a widow's peak, his signature look is unmistakable.

As we enter the hedonistic world of London at night, Sussi speculates on the power of dressing up, externalizing your imagination and how nightclubs can be a "womb-like experience."

"Everyone has their own identity inside of them. What drag and dressing up allows you to do, is take the person you wish you were on the inside and put it on the outside. Inner imagination turning into the outside. The second you cross the threshold into doing (this) you are free."  Sussi

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